#3 trend workshop

The world around us is changing rapidly. Keeping up with the pace is necessary in order to survive. We follow world news and spot trends, and we understand their impact on markets and consumers. We start the workshop with an inspirational trend presentation by Linden & Barbosa. This presentation provides a clear indication of the future opportunities and challenges for your organization, products, and services. We then work together to reformulate the global trends and consumer trends that have been presented to a communications concept, the development of a product or service, or news-worthy narratives.

Why should you have a trend workshop with Linden & Barbosa?

  • By responding to trends, you can make your internal narratives newsworthy.
  • You will gain inspiration and take a different look at your product.
  • You will acquire insight into opportunities and challenges for your organization and brand.

Would you like more information about the trends that could make a difference to your product or sector? Feel free to contact us.

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