#4 trend safari

It's important to know about what is going on in the world. Linden & Barbosa take you on a journey of discovery through trends in bustling cities like New York, London, Paris, Lisbon, and Amsterdam. We visit inspiring hotspots, innovative store concepts, and trendy restaurants. Along the way, you meet innovative entrepreneurs and millennials who share their vision of the future with you. After the one-day or several-day safari, we evaluate the overall impressions from the safari and determine which elements we can use for communications, branding, and PR.

An unusual way to create publicity is the 'trend safari' with media and bloggers, for instance to introduce a new product or a new service. In this way, we can introduce the relevant media outlets to trends and developments that enrich their experience of the product. We sketch a picture of the future of this new product. Everything is thought out in detail in order to create a captivating experience and take participants along on this narrative journey. Taking media outlets on a 'trend safari' like this will result in background articles and extensive video items that strengthen the brand. The resulting publications and television broadcasts will go much deeper than merely a photo accompanied by product information in a text box.

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