#6 media training

There are many different types of media and journalists. There are the outstanding investigative journalists, journalists that write about more superficial topics, the seasoned television interviewers, and the entertainment reporters. Whatever their speciality might be, what all these journalists have in common is their love of a good story. The best way for you to tell your story so that it is interesting to journalists, viewers, readers, and listeners alike will be discussed in an intensive media training session that covers both theory and practice. This training session addresses formulating the correct messages for your organization, products, and services. We mainly focus on the brief and compelling articulation of these central messages. The theory of directing and interview techniques are briefly outlined and then put to practice. These training sessions are given by highly experienced trainers working together with a journalist. We practice different types of interviews (telephone and face-to-face) for different media. All interviews are recorded on video so that they can be analysed.

What makes media training so valuable? We help you find the answers to the following questions:

  • How do you formulate messages that will let your company or brand stand out in the media?
  • How do you articulate these messages in a brief, clear, and compelling way?
  • How do you deliver and manage a narrative?
  • How do you deal with difficult questions?
  • How and what should you communicate during crisis situations?

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