# 2 corporate story

The trick to a catchy corporate story

The secret to a successful presentation, pitch, or interview is a good story. Stories are easier to understand, easier to remember, and more likely to be retold. A story is far more interesting than a summary of facts and figures. It motivates employees and inspires them to live your brand every day. It also paints a clear picture of your company for stakeholders. In short, the corporate story is indispensable to reputation management.

Corporate stories and brand stories consist of several elements. They explain the company's past, present, and future, its core values, and how those values are pursued. They describe the brand as a person with unique personality traits. They have a clear plot, explain the 'why' of your organization, and appeal to all stakeholders.

There are several ways to create a unique market story or corporate story, but you should always start with your position. Linden & Barbosa uses several methods and can advise you on the best one for your organization in order to develop a one-page corporate story.

We can also help you implement your story and monitor your results.

Tips for your corporate story

  • Collect input from different departments, different employees, and stakeholders
  • Complete the Golden Circle (why, how, what) for your company or use a special format, such as the Brand Passport to define your identity
  • Translate your identity into a story

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