#10 communications toolkit

A famous Dutch PR expert once said, 'Be good and tell it' - in other words, don't be afraid to blow your own horn. Though it's never a bad idea to talk about how good you are, a far better idea is to get other people to do it for you. This requires clear and unambiguous language, and universally applicable guidelines and formats. We help organizations and brands create a communications toolkit that will enable local or international communications staff or external agencies to get down to work straight away. It also offers guidelines on the form, content, and timing of different communications resources. The toolkit offers a methodological approach you can use to increase your chance of obtaining positive results. This toolkit will give insight into the campaign strategy, goals, central messages, storylines, quotes, media target groups, and PR approach, and provides set formats and describes the dos and don’ts. A communications toolkit is essential for every company that has a communications departments.

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