#1 brand passport

This is a brand's DNA on a single A4 sheet of paper. The brand passport is essential for those who want to communicate clearly and, above all, consistently. The passport contains all of the important brand information. It has everything from the client's core values, products and services, the market, the different target groups, and the desired response, to the client's most important unique selling points and the proof of those selling points. You can see the brand passport as a basis for creating relevant content that is always in line with the strategic business and brand objectives. 

Tips for brand strategy:

  • Use the brand passport as a starting point for collecting content.
  • Describe the distinguishing emotional and functional advantages of your product or brand.
  • Use the 'from-to' description as a starting point for deciding on your communication strategy.
  • Translate the communication strategy into your communication plan and PR plan.

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