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The world around us is changing rapidly. Keeping up with the pace is necessary in order to survive. Communication will also continue to evolve in the next few years. The most prominent trend for the future is tailor-made communication. By 2025 everyone will be expecting a personalized message. We have compiled an overview of our top ten special services that will help your organization address this new challenge and reach different target groups with the right message. Whether you need a brand passport, a customer journey analysis, or a trend workshop, we provide the perfect tools and workshops to help you create tailor-made communications for your different stakeholders and help you build a stronger brand.

#1 Brand passport

Linden & Barbosa Merkpaspoort

This is a brand's 'DNA' on a single A4 sheet of paper. The brand passport is essential for those who want to communicate clearly and, above all, consistently.

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#2 Corporate story

Linden & Barbosa Creatieve Workshop

The secret to a successful presentation, pitch, or interview is a good story. Stories are easier to understand, easier to remember, and more likely to be retold.

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#3 Trend workshop

Linden & Barbosa Trendsessie

The world around us is changing rapidly. Keeping up with the pace is necessary in order to survive. We follow world news and spot trends, and we understand their impact on markets and consumers.

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#4 Trend safari

Linden & Barbosa Trendsafari

It's important to know about what is going on in the world. Linden & Barbosa take you on a journey of discovery through trends in bustling cities like New York, London, Paris, Lisbon, and Amsterdam.

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#5 Facilitating

Linden & Barbosa Trendsafari

Linden & Barbosa acts as a facilitator for groups during workshops, meetings, awaydays, or brainstorming sessions.

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#6 Media training

Linden & Barbosa Trendsafari

There are many different types of media and journalists. What all these journalists have in common is their love of a good story. What is the best way for you to tell your story so that it is interesting to journalists, viewers, readers, and listeners alike?

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#7 Personal branding session

Linden & Barbosa Trendsafari

People can also be brands. An individual has a unique character and their own identity. Personal branding is about presenting yourself as a brand that evokes positive images and associations.

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#8 Internal values workshop

Linden & Barbosa Trendsafari

The conduct and attitude of staff within the organization is a significant contributing factor in achieving the goals set by the company. Brand values and organizational goals are the foundation for creating internal core values and the conduct and attitude that is needed to support them.

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#9 Coaching

Linden & Barbosa Trendsafari

In our personal coaching sessions we work on achieving your personal goals during one-hour private sessions. ‘Leadership’ and ‘communication’ are regularly discussed topics during these sessions.

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#10 Communications toolkit

Linden & Barbosa Trendsafari

Your communications strategy requires clear and unambiguous language, and universally applicable guidelines and formats. We help organizations and brands create a communications toolkit.

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