PR is so much more than just dreaming up a stunt to attract newspaper coverage. It involves developing a PR strategy that supports the company's goals. Linden & Barbosa is there for its clients: maintaining media relations, storytelling from small business to corporate circles, organizing press events, developing social media policy, taking an effective approach to influencers, producing experiential events, holding creative workshops, and spotting consumer trends.

We can answer burning questions like:

  • How can I develop a PR strategy that contributes to our business objectives?
  • What content will help my business achieve its objectives?
  • How can my organization maintain successful media relations?
  • How do I develop a social media strategy?
  • How do I develop and implement a PR toolkit for different departments and sectors?

“We choose innovative ideas rather than the well-trodden paths. In everything we do, we give priority to effective results and thinking in terms of the brand strategy. We know what interests journalists, editors, bloggers, and other influencers. Again and again, we succeed in responding to their needs with relevant content and stimulating stories. It is also important to us that we maintain our high reputation with the media. They see us a as a reliable news source and we want to keep it that way." 

Christine van der Linden

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