communications strategy

Communications strategy

The communication of a message requires a clear strategy. Our professionals are skilled in reputation management, CEO profiling, corporate and small business communication issues, identity, image, and internal communications. Increasingly, our clients also turn to us for trend analysis and trend workshops.

We can answer burning questions like:
1.How can I clearly define my organization's identity?
2. How is my brand currently perceived by different stakeholders and how do I make sure that it's perceived the way I want?
3. How can I translate my identity into marketing and communications?
4. Which channels and tools can I use to grab my stakeholders’ attention?
5. How can my CEO raise their profile and reinforce the company's reputation?
6. Which trends present opportunities or poses risks for my sector and products?
7. How can I translate consumer trends into my company's daily activities?
8. When developing a new campaign, how can I exploit consumer trends?

"We think in terms of strategy and offer advice from the perspective of the brand. We propose ideas that are suited to the values of the brand and the company and that are intended as an integral part of the entire communications strategy.”
Carla de Barros Barbosa

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