Ask the right questions, make the right choices, and continue to take action: at Linden & Barbosa, we know the building blocks of a strong brand inside and out. We can help you with digital, personal, and city branding, general marketing, market positioning, brand policy, content marketing, marketing communications, design, and corporate identity.

We can answer burning questions like:

  • Which strategy should I use to occupy or maintain my desired positioning?
  • How can I achieve a preferred position with my target group?
  • How can I apply branding principles to a city or region?
  • Which corporate identity best suits my brand, product, or service?
  • Which channels can I use to tap into new target groups with our product or brand?
  • How can I use storytelling to build and reinforce our brand?

"The belief in an effective approach makes us particularly critical of ourselves and our clients. We are not yes-men – or yes-women, for that matter. We start from the strategic goals and work in a structured way from the vision to the targets and action."

Eric Benjamin

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