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Storytelling Visit Portugal


The case
Portugal is a country with enthralling historic narratives. How can you get different types of media to pay attention to a holiday destination such as this with its expansive array of natural attractions, hiking and cycling adventures, culture, aquatic sports, spas, golf, gastronomy, and wine? With 3,000 hours of sun per year and 850 km of beach, this southern European country is the perfect holiday destination. In addition to its many beaches, Portugal also has many intriguing and hidden locations that each have their own unique story. For instance, the sites featured on the UNESCO World Heritage list are the perfect backdrop for epic film scenes.

The approach
We explored the stories about the use of cork in the fashion and aerospace industries. We also showed that the historic castles with their tales of knights and dragons are a perfect destination to visit with children. Some of the fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen were inspired by these Portuguese castles. Different media were invited on press trips to Porto, Norte, the Algarve, the Azores, and Madeira to create their own content. A number of fit and active journalists and bloggers explored the Centro Region by bicycle from the coast to the skiing region in the Serra de Estrela, where there was still snow in May. Culinary journalists came into their own in the cuisine of Alentejo, where they enjoyed great food and magnificent wines. And what about those epic film scenes? These were the focus of a press trip to Cascais in the Greater Lisbon region starring James Bond. The story of the famous film Casino Royal was inspired by Casino Estoril in Cascais.

All these different stories resulted in a wealth of articles in newspapers, magazines, and on blogs. And of course, there were many pictures shared on different social media channels that would leave you green with envy.

By consistently communicating the core message on the diversity of the country, Linden & Barbosa are contributing to the desired image of Portugal.