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Sarenza's new collection 

The case
In recent years, French online retailer Sarenza has grown into one of the largest chain of shoe shops in Europe. now features around 725 brands ofmen's, women's, and children's shoes and bags. The online retailer's launch of its new spring and summer collection was a good reason to engage with diverse audiences and also a perfect opportunity for the CEO to gain public exposure, to get to know the Dutch media, and to share his vision on developments in the online sales market.

The approach
The starting point for our content strategy was a study of the shoe rituals in all of the European countries where Sarenza is active. This was done to better serve the customer, and also to create relevant content. In combination with Sarenza's success in the Netherlands, this study provided us with a good story to tell in one-to-one interviews with the CEO, who had flown in especially for the occasion. We arranged a press day for journalists and bloggers to view the new spring and summer collection. Thirty journalists and bloggers were in attendance to watch a presentation by the CEO about the upcoming spring and summer trends and they were fully immersed in his vision for online retail. The results of the European study about shoe rituals were also presented in a wonderfully illustrated infographic. Sarenza's social media channels had live coverage of the event and the journalists and bloggers departed with a wealth of new information, captioned pictures of the event, a lookbook, and a trend presentation.