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Creative workshops for KPN

The case
All parties in the TV market provide similar television services to consumers. KPN was looking to position itself as a market leader in interactive television. However, certain limiting beliefs first had to be removed in order for them to accomplish this. As is well-known, consumers tend to purchase products or services from companies or brands with which they have positive associations. Linden & Barbosa were asked by KPN to advise on which relevant storylines could be used to profile the company as the premier provider of interactive television services. Naturally, these stories had to be consistent with the desired image.

The approach
We started out by going on living room safaris in the target group. During these safaris, we photographed standout items and special features that already told a story. The photos were used to create mood boards and they provided visual reinforcement during the brainstorming session.

We put together a team for the brainstorming comprised of two journalists, a KPN salesperson, a communications professional, and two consumers. Under the guidance of a brainstorming facilitator, we thought up as many points of departure for the storylines as possible. This input was compiled into select storylines, which were then further elaborated into guidelines on text and images. Finally, we distributed the stories, all of which were connected to current events. We advised KPN on the best combination of both owned, earned, and paid publicity.