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Content calendar for Allianz Global Assistance

The case
With more than fifty years of business under their belt, Allianz Global Assistance is the worldwide leader in travel insurance and assistance services. Their motto? Insurance plans tailored for every kind of trip. The company wanted a clear communication strategy that covered every facet of the question 'How can we help?'

The approach
We began by analysing global trends and then translated these into consumer trends for travel and recreation. We organized a creative workshop to accomplish this. Led by a brainstorm facilitator, we began looking for opportunities for communications, branding, and PR. The ideas bridged the gap between trends and daily business. The workshop also resulted in a few storylines and themes that highlighted Allianz Global Assistance's brand promise. One of the storylines centred on the infamous Black Saturday, summer's busiest day of road travel when motorways in Germany, and France in particular, are jammed with holidaymakers' autos. We invited a journalist from the daily newspaper Sp!ts for an exclusive look behind the scenes of the emergency centre. Both the medical assistance and the vehicle assistance were featured. On the condition of respecting caller privacy, the newspaper was allowed to listen in on emergency calls and experience how the emergency centre works. The result was a fantastic feature in Sp!ts.

In addition to the emergency centre in the Netherlands, the company stations Dutch mechanics at busy international traffic interchanges during the busiest part of the summer travel season. Linden & Barbosa invited the international press agency ANP to come to one of Allianz Global Assistance's service points in France and accompany the attendants for a day. This was storytelling of the highest calibre. The article contained background information about Allianz Global Assistance's service point in Narbonne, supplemented with a list of the top five most remarkable calls taken by the emergency centre. And not without results. The atmospheric report was published in well-known news sites like,,, and