BeFrank trend presentation


The case
This case is about how you communicate about pensions – a topic that doesn't exactly captivate many readers (and that's putting it lightly). BeFrank wants to change this. The mission of this young, online pension provider is to increase people's awareness of pensions. Meanwhile, at Linden & Barbosa, we have the task of developing a smart communication strategy for this mission. This strategy will boost awareness of the BeFrank brand and lead to 'thought leadership,’ or profiling yourself as the expert in a field. For Linden & Barbosa, this represented an exciting and challenging assignment that we have happily sunk our teeth into.

The approach
The teams from BeFrank and Linden & Barbosa worked together over a four-hour period. The workshop began with a trend presentation held by Linden & Barbosa's communication professionals, which gave an overview of all the important, striking, and niche trends that may have an impact on the pension sector. By definition, trends are what attract journalists. We know this from experience. The teams then moved on to a creative workshop, with the main objective being to fill a suggestions box with future opportunities and challenges for BeFrank. The trends presented were then linked to the best content from the suggestions box and the relevant data that BeFrank has available, such as stories from practice, success stories, and meetings with clients. Connecting these trends increases the likelihood of receiving media attention.