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Vakantiedokter app - the craze for summer 2015

27 Jul 2015
More than one hundred thousand Dutch holidaymakers are taking their doctor with them when they go away, as thanks to Vakantiedokter, medical expertise is available at the touch of a button. How can an app become so popular so quickly? The secret behind the app's success is a carefully thought-out communication strategy. The app was developed by the advertising agencies Greenberry, FHV BBDO, and Linden & Barbosa, who were commissioned by the Dutch insurance company Zilveren Kruis. The combined use of paid, owned, and earned media has secured the app's popularity with millions of users.

Attention for La Place by linking internal stories to trends

2 Jul 2015
Everything that you eat or drink at La Place is 100% natural and freshly made in-house each day. La Place is innovative and is constantly adding new delicious and healthy products to its menu, from freshly-made smoothies with algae to salads with seaweed. Linden & Barbosa advises La Place on its communication strategy.

Communication strategy to attract vast new audience

23 Apr 2015
The Rotterdam Philharmonic wants to reach a vast new audience by connecting classical music with the current time. Together with Guy Caron, Cirque du Soleil's first Artistic Director, and Josep Vicent, conductor, the Rotterdam Philharmonic have developed the production Julia, a whole new form of entertainment.

A New Adventure: Exploring the French Alps

12 Mar 2015
Last year Google processed over 33,000 Dutch-language winter-sports-related searches per month. Clearly, more and more Dutch people are booking their skiing holidays online. Moreover, four out of five people planning a holiday now claim they nearly always take online reviews into account when deciding where to spend their next holiday.

PR boost for digital start-up

11 Mar 2015
You can use Helpling's online platform to find and book a professional cleaner at the click of a button. It's easy to arrange a professional cleaner from your local area without having to take out a subscription or pay a registration fee. The website was launched in June 2014 and the number of registrations is increasing day by day.