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The best dry cleaner's in the world is in...

2 Jun 2016
At Linden & Barbosa we don't only deal with normal or average PR requests. Topcleaning dry cleaner's in Harderwijk, the Netherlands, recently contacted us to ask for advice about how they should advertise their nomination as ‘the best dry cleaner's in the world’.

Trending story in practice: immersive experiences with the greatest artists of all times

31 Mar 2016
The brand new interactive settings at the Madame Tussauds in Amsterdam create exciting and engaging experiences that follow the latest trend of immersive experiences. Read more about how Linden & Barbosa created a successful trending story with colourful publications.

Ten essential tools for a successful communication strategy.

30 Mar 2016
The world around us is changing rapidly. Keeping up with the pace is necessary in order to survive. Communication will also continue to evolve in the next few years. The most prominent trend for the future is tailor-made communication.

Making a name with trending stories: toy robot is the star of the show

18 Nov 2015
Global and consumer trends often shape the stories of the moment. These are the types of stories that can appeal to target groups in whatever manner they are told. The news media are interested in products and innovations that reflect the current trends. With a solid PR strategy you can get the most out of your trending story.

Press conference is out, interactive 'content event' is in.

7 Oct 2015
The classic press conference has had its day - at least, that's the case for marketing and PR professionals whose focus is on brand development. Press conferences are still showing signs of life in the field of sports and politics, with those familiar drab venues in which rows of journalists soak up the latest news to use in their next article or item.