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Transavia turns 50 and isn't afraid to show it

23 Jan 2017
Various travel publications covered Transavia's recent anniversary, such as Metro with the headline '2000 directors work here' and Haarlems Dagblad with the headline 'Transavia makes dream job come true'.

Children want robots and interactive soft toys for Christmas Trends in publicity

15 Dec 2016
The trends in Christmas gifts this year are robots and interactivity: from mini robots that teach children to program to soft toys that talk back. Global and consumer trends often form the basis for a storyline that can be used to engage a target group, while the media are attracted by products and innovations that reflect these trends.

This story is about pensions

15 Aug 2016
But hold on a second! Keep on reading – it's going to be interesting. Why? Because this story is in fact all about the way in which you communicate about pensions, a topic that doesn't exactly captivate many readers (and that's putting it lightly). BeFrank wants to change this. The mission of this young, online-based pension provider is to increase people's awareness of pensions. Meanwhile, at Linden & Barbosa, we have the task of developing a smart communication strategy for this mission.

Linden & Barbosa has a strong reputation

27 Jul 2016
The results of a recent study prove that Linden & Barbosa has a strong reputation among its clients. The agency is seen as having particular expertise in the area of PR and communication strategy, and it radiates success.

Portugal and the art of storytelling

16 Jun 2016
Portugal is a country with enthralling historic narratives. How can you get different types of media to pay attention to a holiday destination such as this with its expansive array of natural attractions, hiking and cycling adventures, culture, water sports, spas, golf, gastronomy, and wine?