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CEOs with a good reputation stay on for longer

15 Aug 2017
The average term of CEOs has decreased over the past decade. While Dutch CEOs at the large listed companies usually last 6.6 years, French CEOs fare the best, serving eight years on average. The drop in the number of years is partially down to shareholders, who are upping pressure on companies to improve their performance.

Presenting figures to enhance the company's reputation

31 Jul 2017
July and August are when most companies are expected to present their half-year interim results to their shareholders. This is a great opportunity for the CEO to enhance the company's reputation, not only among shareholders, but also among media representatives and clients. Good preparation with the communication manager is essential to helping you as CEO contribute to the company's reputation through your presentation.

Brand experience with a press event

27 Jul 2017
A press event is an important component of a brand’s content strategy. With an event, you can personally convey a message to journalists and influentials, strengthening both your brand and your media relations. For the media this is the ideal way to gather relevant information and images for articles, posts, or TV items and to get a sense of the brand.

Launch of PlayStation game ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ a PR success

10 Apr 2017
Only one studio in the Netherlands creates games at the highest level: Guerrilla Games. Over the past years, they have been working day and night to produce Horizon Zero Dawn, a brand-new game that will be released exclusively for PlayStation 4.

How Big Data can lead to news articles

8 Feb 2017
The success of the television programme Heel Holland Bakt - the Dutch equivalent of The Great British Bake-Off - was evident not just in the viewing figures but also in the significant increase in interest in kitchen equipment, as the comparison site for consumers discovered.