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All eyes on dobbi: the on-demand laundry and dry-cleaning service

14 Aug 2018
Say goodbye to washing, ironing, and folding clothes. Say goodbye to those trips to the dry cleaner. dobbi will take care of all this from now on, providing excellent service and ease of use. PostNL and multinational Henkel are investing in this new digital laundry and dry-cleaning service, and Linden & Barbosa developed the company's communications and PR strategy.

Storytelling campaign Beemster kaas​

19 Jun 2018
Several scientific studies show that happy cows give healthier milk, which demonstrates why it is important for cows to be outside in the pasture as much as possible. Stichting Weidegang (the grazing foundation) recommends that cows should spend six hours a day for 120 days a year in the pasture. This makes Beemster cheese's cows really stand out as, on average, they spend at least ten hours a day grazing in the pasture for more than 180 days a year.

Reflecting on 50 years of the World Fashion Centre

26 Apr 2018
The World Fashion Centre turns fifty’ and ‘The World Fashion Centre looks to expand its horizons’ were recent headlines in news media. All publications are reporting on the fiftieth birthday of the World Fashion Centre (WFC), known as the ‘meeting point’ for the international fashion industry. Linden & Barbosa were tasked with setting out and implementing a communications plan to further cement the image associated with the WFC.

Linden & Barbosa serve as advisers on the repositioning of Frank's Smoke House

27 Feb 2018
What prompted you to bring wild Alaskan salmon to the Netherlands? What inspired you to open a smokehouse in the city? Twenty years ago, Frank Heyn opened a small shop and smokehouse in Amsterdam, where he smokes and sells premium-quality salmon. Like the wild salmon he traded in, Frank also swam against the current.

Free publicity or digital ads?

30 Aug 2017
Procter & Gamble (P&G), which owns such brands as Always, Head & Shoulders, and Pampers, cut more than 100 million dollars (85 million euros) in digital advertisements last quarter. According to the company, these cuts have not affected sales. It remains unclear as to how P&G researched this.