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Storytelling campaign Beemster kaas​


Several scientific studies show that happy cows give healthier milk, which demonstrates why it is important for cows to be outside in the pasture as much as possible. Stichting Weidegang (the grazing foundation) recommends that cows should spend six hours a day for 120 days a year in the pasture. This makes Beemster cheese's cows really stand out as, on average, they spend at least ten hours a day grazing in the pasture for more than 180 days a year.

Farmers anxiously wait until they can let the cows return to the pasture each year. Every day, they check whether the cows can go out to graze on the lush spring grass. The cows obviously enjoy it. They provide healthier and tastier milk. The milk they give in the weeks after grazing in the pasture has a special taste. Great care goes into making real Beemster spring cheese from this special milk. Beemster’s delicious spring cheese contains extra vitamin A and is only available for four weeks each year.

This story of happy cows how they turn grass into spring cheese after grazing in the pasture deserves extra attention! This helps people make choices and be conscious consumers.

Linden & Barbosa expanded the story by adding research facts and asking experts, including a veterinarian and a cattle farmer, to substantiate it. The story was shared with the media and food influencers by various means including press releases, news videos, and infographics. This ended with a spring cheese tasting session for media and food influencers, which focused entirely on the Farm-to-Table food trend. Mark Paauw, livestock manager, told the story of real Beemster cheese together with the master cheesemaker. Talkin' Food’s food trend watcher Marjan Ippel discussed the Farm-to-Table trend.

You can see the storytelling campaign on adverts and Beemster cheese's social media channels, or you can listen to the storytelling campaign on radio commercials.

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