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Meerlanden consults Linden & Barbosa on corporate story


‘We do so much, but what exactly is our story?’ Meerlanden turned to Linden & Barbosa with this question. The organization needed to create more focus in its profile, which forms the basis for 'the story to be told'. They wanted an unambiguous story, making it clear what Meerlanden represents, and that can be simply worded and inspire pride in its employees.

A clean and safe society

Meerlanden is a raw materials and energy company that believes in a society without waste, but instead with raw materials that are returned to the cycle as new products after reuse and recycling. However, there is much more to Meerlanden than this. From collecting and processing waste, pest and vermin control, street cleaning, recycling, public space management, and treating icy roads to providing work for people with a disadvantage in the labour market.

Tailored working method

The organization's own team is very knowledgeable about Meerlanden and the stakeholders, which is why we opted for an interactive team session with the executive board, management, and the communication department. By means of our tailored working method, we mapped out the most important services and unique characteristics, and went in search of the underlying core promises. For example, we asked several employees what Meerlanden means to them and incorporated this into a video, and during the session with a radio reporter, we held interviews about the Meerlanden brand.

Corporate story

After four hours of intensive work, we had described the Why, How, and What of Meerlanden, and we were able to formulate the unique story of Meerlanden. This corporate story forms the basis for creating relevant content that is always in line with the strategic business and brand objectives. Everyone was proud of the result.

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