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Linden & Barbosa surprises media and influencers with C&A campaign


Campaign for men's collection

C&A's new autumn and winter collection for men is here! ‘Attitude’ is key in this collection – it's about how a man wears his clothes. As a result, the items in the collection have been specially designed for mixing and matching, so that men can show their own unique personality and style. With its endless combinations, this collection is for men who keep up with the times. While the supporting TV ads focus on this mix-and-match aspect and attitude, the online campaign offers styling tips as well as behind-the-scenes access into how the collection was designed. In recent weeks, the new men's collection has been shown on TV, in out-of-home communications, in magazines, and in shops. However, C&A wanted to retain an element of surprise for the media and influencers. The men's collection is for sale both in the shops and online.

The full 2019 autumn/winter collection was presented to the media and influencers during a fashion show. The response to the men's collection was very positive: ‘refreshing,’ ‘contemporary,’ and ‘is this really C&A?!’ were the buzzwords of the evening. For communication consultancy Linden & Barbosa, this was the reason to create a truly unique supporting campaign at the start of the sale and to join forces with Friends of The Brands. Although the C&A brand is generally well recognized, it's struggling to gain a positive perception among younger men and boost their awareness of its collections. As a result, C&A doesn't enjoy prime recall among this target group. Linden & Barbosa suggested that this target group should be ‘reconnected’ with the brand and the collection. Don't tell them it's C&A, but give them the opportunity to experience it!

Influencer experiment

Friends of the Brands is a connecting agency that links brands to European top influencers in a personal, authentic way. The company advises brands on how to effectively use influencer marketing to reach their business objectives. This can be achieved by participating in one of the event formats, developing separate campaigns around a number of influencers, and organizing bespoke events such as ‘The Men's Dinner,’ which brought C&A into contact with the target influencers and their followers.

Men styled by (un)known brand

Influencers who matched the target group were invited to ‘The Men's Dinner’ in the aptly named Amsterdam bar ‘The Tailor’. The sizes of the clothes were checked beforehand, and the men were told that they would be styled by a fashion brand – without naming the brand. On the evening itself, the men were dressed in items that they could pick out on the spot. They were then treated to dinner, a cocktail workshop, and a fashion show. After, the Head of Product Development at C&A held a speech. Without explicitly mentioning the brand, she referred to its rich history and sustainability vision. Meanwhile, three models were ready with jackets on, printed with the letters ‘C&A’. Cue drum roll... and the models unveiled the C&A brand. The audience went wild, erupting into applause and showing their enthusiasm for C&A and its approach. People at the event saw for themselves how the stereotypical image of C&A no longer fits the current brand and collections.

The survey conducted during the event showed that 43% of the influencers would be less interested or not interested in attending the event if they'd been invited by C&A. At the end of the evening, 71% indicated that their view of C&A had been changed, and 90% said that they would consider working with the brand.

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