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Linden & Barbosa serve as advisers on the repositioning of Frank's Smoke House


Swimming against the current

What prompted you to bring wild Alaskan salmon to the Netherlands? What inspired you to open a smokehouse in the city? Twenty years ago, Frank Heyn opened a small shop and smokehouse in Amsterdam, where he smokes and sells premium-quality salmon. Like the wild salmon he traded in, Frank also swam against the current.

Frank's Smoke House has since become a household name in the hospitality sector. The shop and wholesale company were expanded to include a restaurant that sells artisan smoked products from its own smokehouse.

This expansion called for a repositioning of Frank's Smoke House. What does the brand stand for? What are the target groups? And why should they go to Frank's Smoke House? The management team struggled with these questions and sought the advice of Linden & Barbosa.

We suggested creating a brand passport by taking a pragmatic 'pressure cooker' approach. The brand passport explains the brand's DNA on a single A4 sheet. It describes the core values and the way these are achieved. In other words: the key communication and marketing messages that lay the foundation for creating relevant content. The brand passport ensures that all brand activities and initiatives are aligned and serves as an indispensable tool for all companies interested in strengthening their brand.

'The Linden & Barbosa session was an eye-opening experience for us. We'd lost sight of our identity a bit, but now we have a renewed focus and understand the direction we want to take. We plan to make a few minor changes in our appearance and our management. After that, we'll start working on the communication plan. I'm looking forward to it!' says Frank Heyn, founder of Frank's Smoke House.

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