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Free publicity or digital ads?


According to various studies, paid publicity (i.e. advertising) is generally considered to be less reliable than free publicity. In other words, press attention is a more effective way to reach your target group. But how do you generate 'free' publicity for your message?

'If you know the media, its various channels, and its target groups well, you can make life considerably easier for editors,' says David Kaufman, editor-in-chief of Alexa, a New York Post supplement targeting affluent readers. 'A good PR pitch makes it easy to incorporate the story into one of our columns. We're always looking for new trends, developments, or perspectives on an existing concept. In short, we'll always make room for a good story.'

There are plenty of opportunities for free publicity. Linden & Barbosa wants to share the following three tips for generating more press attention:

Tip 1 Social relevance

Take the time to research social developments, trends, and new technologies. Attend conferences and webinars and read trend reports. Understanding global trends will help you position your own stories within a socially relevant framework. The media is always interested in trends because trends appeal to readers and viewers.

Tip 2 Think like a journalist

The challenge is to uncover the stories within an organization. How do you recognize a good story? A background in journalism never hurts. What can you find out about organizational innovations and the company's CSR policy? Are there any authentic experiences you can share with journalists or bloggers?

Tip 3 Topicality

Topicality is the determining factor for the news media. One option is to ride the coattails of an existing topic. You can also create your own newsworthy item. A brand story is only interesting if it's relevant to what's happening in the world today. A prolonged heatwave or cold spell will capture national interests and prompt the media to seek out stories.

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