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Brand awareness: where to start?


Fashion brand No Excess contacted Linden & Barbosa about their brand identity

Brand awareness strengthens brand recognition and helps your brand stand out in the consideration set: the subset of brands that consumers choose from. Brand awareness also helps to create stronger brand associations. But where to start for a men's fashion brand active in a competitive market? No Excess asked Linden & Barbosa for advice.

No Excess is a Dutch fashion brand that sells casual menswear through 1,500 retail outlets in fifteen countries around the world. Due to its growing success, the brand wanted to become more proactive in its communication towards the media, clients, and consumers. This necessarily raises several following questions. What do we want to say? What do we stand for? And how can we translate this into relevant content?

Organizing and facilitating brand sessions: Linden & Barbosa gets to work

We started by developing a brand passport, which explains the brand's DNA on a single A4 sheet of paper. A brand passport is crucial for those who want to communicate clearly and, above all, consistently. It contains all of the key information about the No Excess brand, from its core values, products, and market to its target groups, its desired response, and its unique selling points. Linden & Barbosa organized several work sessions with No Excess to determine the brand's story, its core values, and how those values are pursued. No Excess now has a tool that streamlines all activities and initiatives relating to brand communication.

The creative analysis

Next, we organized a brainstorming session to analyse the emotional qualities of No Excess. In addition to functional qualities (e.g. comfortable clothing), an organization can also strengthen the emotional bond with its target group. During this session, we discussed ways to illustrate these emotional qualities through words and images.

'These sessions helped us paint a clear picture of our brand and communicate this picture externally. The brand passport laid the foundations for our communication plan. During the creative brainstorming session we identified our brand's most important functional and emotional USPs. We'll incorporate these into our communication strategy to help improve brand loyalty among our target groups,' says No Excess owner Roel de Veer.

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