Brand awareness: where to start?

19 feb. 2019
No Excess is a Dutch fashion brand that sells casual menswear through 1,500 retail outlets in fifteen countries around the world. Due to its growing success, the brand wanted to become more proactive in its communication towards the media, clients, and consumers. This necessarily raises several following questions. What do we want to say? What do we stand for? And how can we translate this into relevant content?

Linden & Barbosa surprises media and influencers with C&A campaign

5 dec. 2018
C&A's new autumn and winter collection for men is here! ‘Attitude’ is key in this collection – it's about how a man wears his clothes. As a result, the items in the collection have been specially designed for mixing and matching, so that men can show their own unique personality and style. Linden & Barbosa suggested that this target group should be ‘reconnected’ with the brand and the collection. Don't tell them it's C&A, but give them the opportunity to experience it!

Meerlanden consults Linden & Barbosa on corporate story

30 okt. 2018
‘We do so much, but what exactly is our story?’ Meerlanden turned to Linden & Barbosa with this question. The organization needed to create more focus in its profile, which forms the basis for 'the story to be told'. They wanted an unambiguous story, making it clear what Meerlanden represents, and that can be simply worded and inspire pride in its employees.

Kirkman Company: ‘How can our departments position themselves better?’

3 okt. 2018
A department within an organization functions at its best when it has a clear vision of its own internal role and offers a clear proposition to external stakeholders. The better you communicate what you represent as a department, the more successfully you operate. It helps to win over customers during a customer or acquisition interview, without falling into the trap of listing all the services and skills your department has to offer.

Can a DJ change the image of an investment bank?

3 okt. 2018
Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow ‘Plaatjesdraaier gaat Goldman Sachs leiden' (DJ to lead Goldman Sachs) and 'DJ D-Sol gaat Goldman Sachs opschudden' (DJ D-Sol to shake up Goldman Sachs) were two of July's headlines in Het Financieele Dagblad and De Telegraaf, both major newspapers in the Netherlands. Having joined the bank in 1999 at its New York headquarters, David Solomon will be the new CEO of Goldman Sachs as of October this year.