about us

Linden & Barbosa

Do you know how much time a Dutch person spends consuming media on average each day? Eight hours and forty minutes. And if we combine media consumption with other activities like cooking, driving, and working, this total climbs much higher.

Media is everywhere
Listening to the radio, watching television, thumbing through the newspaper, updating Twitter and Facebook, reading magazines, downloading apps, scanning news sites... Media is firmly entrenched everywhere in our lives. Because of this, organizations that want to maintain contact with their target group and to improve their reputation can no longer do without it. A strong communications strategy is an absolute prerequisite for making the best use of media. 

Focussed advice
This is where Linden & Barbosa comes in. Our staff include talented brand builders, communications strategists, and PR professionals who actively work together with just one goal in mind: visibly better results for our clients. We advise clients on a range of communication issues, closely monitor the news, and create and publish relevant content. Our consultants are experienced professionals, making
Linden & Barbosa your ideal sparring partner at both the executive and managerial levels.

Member of VEA and VPRA

We think it's important to safeguard the quality within the communications sector. Linden & Barbosa is known for being a results-oriented, innovative, and creative communications agency and we want to keep this position. It's therefore vital that we share expertise, stay up to date with new developments, and maintain contact with colleagues and fellow communications agencies. This will keep us innovative. We are therefore a member of the sector associations VEA and VPRA.                                                                     

The VEA is an association of the 100 most prominent communication consultancies in the Netherlands. These are all agencies that collectively share the belief that their services must meet high standards of quality, effectiveness, and continuity. VEA members are at the heart of society and take up their social responsibility.                                                                                                                                                                                              

The VPRA forms a platform for affiliated PR and communications agencies to meet and develop. This sector association encourages the mutual contact between agency executives and employees in a social sense as well as in a work setting. The VPRA supports the professional and business-economic performance of the affiliated agencies through, among other things, meetings about topics of interest in the field and setting and checking standards for business operation. In addition to this, the VPRA is a 'window' into the world of communications. Through the VPRA, the outside world can acquire information about the affiliated agencies, in both a collective and an individual sense.